18 Worlds Fastest Animals

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The fastest animals on earth these wildlife super runners have amazing speed from in the water, on the ground, and in the sky!

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8. Quarter horse

Unless you count Harold and Kumar riding a cheetah the quarter horse is the fastest animal capable of being steered by humans. This American breed got its name from its innate ability to outpace other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or less in length. Some have been clocked sprinting at speeds as high as fifty five miles per hour.

7. Springbok

Sometimes springbok, like many other antelopes do something called pronking, which, as you can see is when they leap into the air with all four legs. They do this at least in part to warn predators that they are going to be hard to catch. And if that predator chooses pursuit despite the display they usually find out firsthand that the springbok wasn’t lying. They can reach speeds up to fifty five miles per hour. You can also see that they have a very stunning coat with white on their underbelly and brown fur covering their backs. The blackbuck antelope is similar though darker in appearance and can also reach similar speeds.

6. Pronghorn

The second fastest land animal in terms of top speed the pronghorn gets up to 55 miles per hour, but in cross country it has the cheetah beat as it can sustain high speeds for a lot longer than the big cats. Sorry cheetah’s but it's cool we’ll get to you guys in a second. Still these creatures, which look a lot like and are often called antelope’s are pretty awesome. Their hearts, lungs and windpipes are unusually large allowing them to take in extra air while they’re running. And they have really long strides that have been recorded to be as long as eight yards. That’s almost a first down in football!

5. Cheetah

The fastest animal on land, cheetahs get up to 75 miles per hour in a dead sprint. This animal's population has taken a beating due to rampant hunting throughout the twentieth century. In 1900 at least one hundred thousand cheetahs existed. Recent estimates have their numbers down to around ten thousand, maybe even less. They hunt during the day by chasing their victims down and finishing them with a gruesome bite to the neck. They are accustomed to eating on the run, they have to in order to avoid bigger carnivores coming by and taking their fallen foe, now a tasty meal, by force.

4. Sailfish

Who knew such speed could be contained beneath the ocean’s surface? The sailfish reaches up to 68 miles per hour making it the fastest animal in the ocean. They’re big creatures, reaching up to eleven feet and over 200 pounds. Those with salt in their blood prize them for their feistiness and they are looked upon with high regard amongst trophy fishers as they are very hard to reel in.

3. Gyrfalcon (jur-fawl-kuhn)

Alright look there’s a lot of fast birds when they’re flying so we’re just going to list the fastest off now in the name of accuracy, cause quite frankly we’re not trying to make another bird video (check out 20 World’s Most Amazing Birds bt dubs) which is what this could turn into. So the Eider, Canvasback, red breasted merganser, spur winged goose, frigatebird, Eurasian hobby, common swift, white throated needletail, and grey headed albatross all dive and fly really fast. But a few creatures of the sky stand above those and are even faster. Out of those select few let’s start with the gyrfalcon. These beautiful birds vary from all white to dark brown and can be found from America to Europe to Asia. They hunt small fish and mammals and reach speeds up to 130 miles per hour when diving on prey.

2. Golden Eagle

For me I think cheetah’s when talking about the fastest animals around, but as you can see birds can attain much greater speeds in flight, which makes sense but you may just not think about birds because, perhaps, human beings can’t fly. When hunting and diving down on unsuspecting prey from high above the Golden Eagle reaches an average speed of 150 mph and can get as high as 200 mph. Which is just slower than our fastest animal on the planet. But first…..

1. Peregrine Falcon

Regarded as one of the most noble, awe-inspiring birds of prey the Peregrine falcon was in serious danger when pesticides like DDT made their way into their prey causing a far reaching failure to reproduce amongst the population from the 40’s to the 70’s. Luckily they seem to be making a solid recovery as numbers in most of their native areas have either stabilized or are increasing. When hunting, they power dive from hundreds of feet in the air generating speeds that possibly reach and even exceed 200 miles per hour. As fast as cheetahs and other birds are, there’s no question this is the most speed you’ll find on our wild planet.

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