A horse races 9 of the world's fastest animals - who wins?!

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This is the Betway Animal Kingdom Cup - an amusing, animated fantasy race between 10 of the world's fastest land animals, set around the distance of the iconic Ascot racecourse.

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It's commonly known that the cheetah is the quickest living thing on land, capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 mph - but could he keep up the pace over a four-mile, two-furlong trip? Could he outlast the likes of the brown bear, the lion and the pronghorn antelope? Or is the humble thoroughbred race horse the best suited round this distance after all?

Using real speed and endurance data from sources including National Geographic, WWF, Sciencing.com and Guinness World Records, we simulate how a race between these renowned speed demons would likely play out - if it ever got the go-ahead to run at Royal Ascot...

The field: Cheetah, horse, greyhound, pronghorn, ostrich, brown bear, lion, brown hare, black rhino, kangaroo.


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