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The dogs being smart and dumb compilation will make you laugh so hard you might break your seat seeing how animals behave. Dogs being smart and dumb compilation videos are some of the best form of entertainment, dogs are cute, emotional and hilarious creatures that come and change our lives in a moment’s notice. The Animal Channel videos never fail to make us laugh and happy! This dogs being smart and dumb compilation video is one of the most hilarious videos out there! Look how all these dogs and cats, love, fail, play, sleep, get angry, fall over and smile... So super funny and cute! What is your favourite dog clip clip? :)

Dogs are adorable, cute, crazy and the best type of pets to be around, Because hey! We somehow managed domesticate them. What are dogs without the ability to make you laugh and happy? This funny dogs’ video will illustrate just that.

The animals being animals’ series seeks to show the normal behaviour of animals with people or by themselves. Its hard to imagine our lives without pets or animals especially dogs and their puppies. Sit Back and watch the entire series unfold.

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