On the Run(EP1)-Toy Animal Series-

Download video Channel: Animal Cove

I know I know, the first episode is short. I filmed this yesterday and I thought it was so good I had to post it today! I already filmed the first 3 episodes I just gadda edit the next two. This is a new series called "On the Run" Staring Anakin, Fearn, Mya, and Bella. Anakin was the only main character in the first episode but Bella comes in the second and third, and Mya and Fearn come in the third. I got the Idea of the water from the movie "Alpha", the Idea of the cold box(comeing in the third episode) from the book "Survivors" from Erin Hunter that also wort "Warriors"(the cat one) and "Seekers"(the bear one). Hopefully you all love it cuz I think I did and extraordinary job, and this will be a continued series!!!

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