Speed Comparison : Race Simulation

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Part 2 :Faster than Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-jwrpXPBp0

Part 3: Slower than Snail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIvRzvIE9Xc

Race: Bugatti Veryon vs Formula One, King Cheetah vs Usian Bolt, Thrust SSC vs Speed of sound, X-43 jet vs X-15 aircraft, Desert Eagle bullet vs M16 bullet. Which is faster?

This video depicts a virtual reality drag race with the assumption that objects can travel at their maximum possible speed without any acceleration/deceleration for an infinite amount of time.

NOTE: ALL OBJECTS SIZES ARE NOT ACCORDING TO SCALE! (If they are, the Earth/Sun/Milky Way will be too big to fit in the picture and everything else would be too small!)

PS: Can anyone recommend me a screen recorder that can record at least 60fps? It looks alot smoother viewing the animation from my computer than the video. Thanks!


Race 1 (30m/98ft) :

Garden Snail (Slowest Animal)


Giant Tortoise

Human Walking

Human Running

Turkey Running

Black Mamba (Fastest Snake)



Usian Bolt Sprinting (Fastest Human)

Race 2 (100m/328ft) :

Usian Bolt Sprinting (Fastest Human)


Ford Model T





100kmh Car

Swordfish (Fastest Swimmer)

King Cheetah (Fastest Land Animal)

Race 3 (800m/2625ft):

King Cheetah (Fastest Land Animal)


World Fastest Bicycle

Peregrine Falcon (Fastest Animal)

Formula One

Bugatti Veryon (Fastest Car)

Fastest Boat

Maglev Bullet Train (Fastest Train)

Shockwave Jet Rocket Truck (Fastest Truck)

Airbus A380 Aeroplane

Race 4 (6000m/19685ft):

Airbus A380 Aeroplane

Speed of Sound

Thrust SSC (Fastest Land Speed)

Desert Eagle Bullet

SR-71 Blackbird (Fastest Jet)

M16 Rifle Bullet

Cruise Missile Rocket (BrahMos)

X15 Rocket-powered Aircraft

Fastest Rocket Sled (Fastest Rail Speed)

X-43 Hyper-sonic Aircraft

Race 5 (200km/124miles):

X-43 Hyper-sonic Aircraft

Orbital Space Shuttle

Apollo 10 Spacecraft

Hyper-launcher Gun (Fastest Projectile)

New Horizons Spacecraft

Voyager 1 Spacecraft

Speed of Earth's Orbit

Helios 2 (Fastest Man-made Object)

Speed of Solar System

Speed of Lightning (Step Leader)

Race 6 (1 Light Second/300000km/186000miles):

Garden Snail (Slowest Animal)

Usian Bolt (Fastest Human)

King Cheetah (Fastest Land Animal)

Thrust SSC (Fastest Land Vehicle)

Voyager 1

Lightning (Step Leader)

Milky Way Orbital Speed

Hypervelocity Star Orbital Speed



Race 7 (c):


USCSS, Prometheus

The Ark, Transformers

USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Star Trek

Pillars of Autumm, Halo

Borg Cube, Star Trek

Death Star, Star Wars

Battlestar Galactica

Imperial II-class star Destryoer, Star Wars

Millenium Falcon, Star Wars

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